Reconnect with Travel

It is said that change is as good as a holiday, and with the current shift in global travel trends, it would appear that today’s travellers are taking this old adage to heart and truly getting the best of both worlds. From London to New York articles, columns and blogs are being written, everyone is talking about 'transformative travel' as being the travel trend of 2017/2018

Reconnect with travel


Travellers are taking experiential travel to another level by seeking a deeper connection, not only with the earth and its cultures and wildlife, but also taking out time to be with one another, to value the basics in life again, to reconnect. The sad reality is that we now connect more to Wi-Fi and social networking than we connect with each other, so there is a growing demand for holidays whereby travellers can actively disconnect from technology and reconnect with what really matters.

Have you set time aside in 2017 and 2018 for an adventure that will transform your soul and leave you relaxed, inspired and emotionally energised? Here’s some inspiration to help change the way you see the world.


Taj Mahal India – watch in awe as the sun gloriously rises, and sets, over the world’s most famous and unashamedly romantic tribute to love. 


Galapagos Islands – mingle with giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies on this ecologically diverse chain of volcanic islands where Darwin developed his evolution theory.


Great Migration in Kenya or Tanzania, marvel at the constant movement of 1.5millions grunting wildebeest across the vast Serengeti and Mara plains as they pursue lush vegetation to graze.



Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and stand high above the clouds on the peak of Kili, as referred to by the locals, Africa’s highest mountain overlooking the cultivated farmlands far below. 


Discover the freshest of air, sweeping glaciers, turquoise blue lakes, emerald forests and roaring rivers for a truly ‘back to nature’ experience. Ruggedly beautiful, this part of Patagonia is ideal for hiking and exploring. 


Sri Lanka is the perfect year-round destination for all. It offers a variety of sensational landscapes, wildlife, flourishing tea plantations and golden sandy – there’s a highlight for all. 

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