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A Sabbatical is, by definition is a period of time when one is allowed to stop work in order to travel or study.

Whilst typically it has been a year long-term breaks have become increasingly popular as employees offer ‘careers breaks’, early retirements, gardening leave or just the chance to take some time out to do something different.
So if you had the opportunity to take some time out what would you do? At Travel Producer we love the word Voyage, meaning trip in French but in English we would use it to mean a long and exciting journey which could be an ocean or river cruise but also a long journey by rail.


Cruising offers is a great opportunity to see landscapes and experience the remote coastal areas of the world that quite simply are not accessible by other means. Some of our most popular journeys are discovered by clients as they want to experience wildlife first hand, historical cities linked by inland waterways and to travel at ease across the vast expanse of countries.

glacier bay

An Alaskan cruise offers access to a stunning wilderness previously only available to hardy pioneers and explorers. As massive glaciers sculpt land into deep valleys as gravity draws them to the ocean your ship will gently negotiate and sea of icebergs, fractured away from the glacier as you hunt down migrating whales and brown bears who live along the coast. From the deck of your ship or the comfort of your cabin enjoy a memorable feast of nature and wildlife.

Meanwhile river cruising brings about quite a different pace of travel as you meander from city to city only stopping off to adventure away from the river and explore the local countryside either on foot or by bicycle. Russia has an extensive network inland waterways, offering travellers an easy access to its magnificent cities and world-class museums.

saint basils cathedral

Cruise from Moscow through to St. Petersburg along the incredible canal route with it impressive lock system on the extensive Volga-Baltic canal system. At the source Moscow is linked to five seas via it extensive arteries of rivers.

It is without doubt that the Polar region offers iconic journeys and fulfils the dreams of nature lovers. These regions are barely touched by humans and it is impossible not to disconnect from everyday life as your ship charts a safe course through icebergs and negotiates the glassy channels beneath towering glaciers and dark fjordlands.



Antarctica can be a challenge to reach if you choose to cross the notorious Drake Passageway, though nowadays it is possible to fly into the Peninsula to avoid the rough seas. On arrival you will be in a wildlife haven with somnolent seals resting on ice flows, get close to humpback whales or walk amongst nesting penguins. Take a trek on the continent, swim in the volcanic warm waters (assuming the boat can get there!) and be in awe at the wandering albatross who coverts the ship as you depart these icy waters. There is nowhere on Earth like this and the journey should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Travel by Train

So to a trip that is true to the definition of a sabbatical, and for travelling around the world when you don’t have a year to hand! Get on-board the train, enjoy some of the world’s greatest rail routeing as you go and discover some of the most incredible destinations in one unforgettable holiday, ‘Around the World by Rail’.


Great Wall of China


This is not merely a train holiday but your bucket list voyage that can have you traversing four continents all the way from Geneva to the Great Wall of China. Most uniquely the trip is entirely flexible – we can curate the voyage to whatever you wish for!

As with any sabbaticals you can opt to structure a whole itinerary in one go, travel more frequently in shorter breaks, or just pick one destination that particularly appeals. Every itinerary is curate for you personally - All customisable, all flexible, all tailor made.

Wherever you fancy going, there is something charmingly relaxing and somewhat anachronistic about travelling by boat or train, drifting smoothly from one destination to another on a voyage of discovery and revelation. Contact us to talk through your own personal voyage!

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