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A Travel Consultant, the perfect companion


A Travel Consultant is the perfect companion when you need ideas and inspiration for your trip, or just don't have the time to make arrangements yourself.

There have been numerous debates since the arrival of the internet that the needs for a travel agent or consultant were now defunct, and yet we are as busy now as ever. So why is that? Quite simply whilst the task of making a simple booking has been totally enabled by the internet, complex multi-destination, experiential itineraries are still very time consuming and difficult to do on the internet. Our true value is when you want to avoid the same old hotels and restaurants on Google. Enjoy off-piste, to create a really unique holiday you’re going to have go off Google.

Our experience, together with local knowledge from experts there on the ground, means that we can find that boutique hotel you can be sure your friends haven’t already stayed at, or that Michelin tipped restaurant that the locals are desperate to keep a well kept secret.

You may have a holiday requirement when you need to keep everyone happy! Whether it is children of differing ages, a group of diverse friends, or a multi-generational trip of a lifetime, creating an itinerary that caters for everyone is a challenge. It is difficult to create a plan that is not too exhausting for some, and yet frustratingly laid back for others. But it is a challenge we are used to accepting. We will work with you, as well as local guides and experts, to make sure that everyone feels as though this has been their own special vacation, and has something incredible to remember.

When you want to indulge in your passion we can tap into our local experts to ensure that you get your own personal trip of the vineyards, learn how to cook the local delicacy or are personally guided to the best spot for those sunrise photographs.

Ultimately we are total value for money when you want someone to sweat the small stuff! Whilst we will work on creating your unique trip with you, listening to your input and feedback and handcrafting something that we know you’ll think is amazing, we also handle the small stuff that gets boring, tiring and frustrating. And yet it’s these small details that matter. They have the ability to put you in the right mood to relax, or alternatively send you into fits of frustration. This is why we do these for you, from handling your flight bookings to double checking that your hotel knows your partner is gluten intolerant. And we’ll keep doing them for you, all the way through your trip, just so that you can concentrate on the big stuff: enjoying yourselves.

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