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Time to Celebrate

Time has played havoc with us over the last for over a year now - it has sped up then slowed down and for many has just seemed to stand still.

Lets be positive and focus on a Time to Celebrate! A special birthday, a new job or house, a career break, the arrival of someone special, or a retirement. Of all the possible ways to celebrate a tailor made trip cannot be beaten! Yet some destinations have more of a unique WOW factor than others, destinations that will makes memories forever. Whether it be for a couple of weeks or a couple of months here are some great choices to consider!

Brazil Rio Carnival

South calls to the curious traveller – whether you are interested in adventure, culture, landscapes and carnivals! This is a continent that thrills and excites, nothing more that The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. To buy and ticket and sit in the Sambadromo Stadium is one of those life experiences that will remain with you forever. Watching, getting involved in part of the action with thousands of people dressed in wild exotic costumes, dancing the samba, laughing and drinking is a celebrations that doesn’t get more up-lifting or memorable don’t come much more colourful, brighter, spirit-lifting or more memorable. You should plan to visit Rio for several days and visit Sugar Loaf Mountain; gaze up to at the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the city, learn new culinary skills at a cooking school, a visit to a favela or a guided tour of the historic city, stroll the streets many of which will be filled with blocos (street parties) for more informal frivolity. Alternatively enjoy some recuperative time on one of the famous sandy beaches.

If the exciting side of Rio does not appeal look to enjoy a much quieter celebration in Bhutan whose philosophy of Gross national Happiness and policy of sustainable tourism means that you won’t encounter crowds of westerners.

Bhutan Takshang Tibet Tigers Nest

Bhutan is an amazing experience in itself. Set in a spectacular Himalaya landscape, snow-capped peaks sparkle alongside majestic fortresses and working monasteries. There are high altitude trails for biking and hiking while local handicrafts and beautiful textiles adorn the villages and local people. One of the most spectacular time to visit is during the Thimphu Tshechu festival as locals flock to the capital in their finest robes. Celebrations continue for 3 days as participants pack into the Tashicho fortress for a distinctly medieval succession of masked dances. It is believed that to be present will earn you divine merit, great luck and have all your wishes come true! You won’t be disappointed.

Closer to home in Europe, there are festivals to cater for every kind of celebration you might wish for.  One that is definitely strictly for fun, regarded as the greatest food fight in the world, is that of La Tomatina! Every year during the last week of August 40 tonnes of tomatoes become ammunition for the crazy joviality of being covered in soft, overripe tomato.

This friendly warfare take place in a town called Bunol, close to Valencia, and it is believed that tomatoes are a natural disinfectant so that your skin becomes cleansed of impurities!

There can be no doubt that the more you celebrate life, the more there is to celebrate. The real reward is to embrace an opportunity to celebrate precious moments and make memories that will last you a lifetime. Come and talk to us to plan your sabbatical break and celebrate being alive!

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