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Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands, is known for its white-sand beaches, rolling mountains, cigars and rum. Its colourful capital, Havana, features lavish Spanish colonial architecture within its 16th-century core, Old Havana. Move away from the city to another time and enjoy a country away from the crowds and typical tourist trails.

Cuba is now one of travellers 'hot' destinations, and we can see why. This notoriously fascinating country that has intrigued travellers for decades. Its turbulent history has led to the formation of a country unlike any other, a fascinating tale from Spanish colonial rule and the slave trade to Batista's dictatorship and Castro's revolution. It is a land of contrasts where past and present meet and the population both embrace modernity and remain faithful to their unique political and social traditions, mirrored in its vibrant culture, arts and music. Yet what is too frequently overlooked is Cuba’s astounding beauty. The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba boasts numerous idyllic beaches, verdant plantations, impressive mountains and teeming coral reefs that make for some of the world’s best diving spots. Its urban centres, such as world heritage site Trinidad, are just as beautiful with a distinctive blend of architectural influences from across Europe. Cuba made the international headlines in 2015 with the recent relaxation in regulations surrounding access to Cuba, now really is the time to visit whilst tourist numbers are increasing yet the country still retains its unique character.

Over 8 days you would have time to try an 'Explore Cuba' adventure, highlights including the architecturally-beautiful cities of Havana and Trinidad, and beyond to the undiscovered regions (such as the Vinales Valley, above) where you can avoid the crowds and delve right to the heart of this fascinating country.

If you have more time then why not totally submerge yourself on the Cuba In-Depth tour. Over 2-3 weeks you can explore the cities of Havana and Trinidad, get off the beaten track in Las Terrazas nature reserve, wander botanical gardens, roam the tobacco regions, head to the hills in historical Santiago de Cuba, and soak up the vibrant lives and culture of local communities, especially true in the cultural hub of Camaguey, where music, art and dancing lives!

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