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Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway

Kirkenes Snowhotel opened for the first time in 2006, and since then they have been giving guests a wonderful experience in one of Norway’s most beautiful surroundings.  Every room in Kirkenes Snowhotel is like a small treasure, uniquely decorated by artists from around the world. All the 20 rooms have a different theme from the Arctic culture or nature. The lighted ice sculptures give the Snowhotel a very cosy and special atmosphere.

No matter the temperature outside, the Snowhotel holds a stable -4 celsius temperature.

There are rooms in different sizes,  for 2 to 5 people, so you can bring your family or friends to experience this arctic adventure together. Don`t miss the chance to tick this box of your bucket list! Everyone is welcome for a fun and exciting stay in this amazing winter wonderland!

Whilst staying in Kirkenes there are a number of activities worth enjoying

King Crab Fishing. A totally unforgettable experience awaits you on the frozen fjords of Kirkenes, a chance to learn how to catch, cook, and most importantly EAT this mysterious creature. In this ultimate King crab fishing experience, you will be taken by snowmobile sledge* out on the fjord ice. Here you will take part in the entire experience of catching the giant, and seeing how it is prepared. Finally the journey continues to a beautiful rustic restaurant by the fjord, where you will feast on the giant crab, served the Norwegian way.​

*In the beginning and the end of the season, the tour may go by boat, if the conditions are not suitable for snowmobile.

Husky Riding Our friendly huskies are ready to run! Nature covered by snow, a frozen lake beneath you, and a beautiful star studded sky above. If you are lucky, maybe the northern lights will make an appearance? When the snow is falling and the temperature is below zero there are still many ways to enjoy nature. At Kirkenes Snowhotel there are more than 180 huskies ready to take you for an experience you will never for​get!

Snowmobile Safari. It's time to catch the Arctic wind! A wonderful journey awaits you on state-of-the-art snowmobiles. You will be transferred from your hotel in Kirkenes to an old Norwegian farmhouse where you will be dressed in warm protective clothing and given a lesson on how to handle your snowmobile. There will be 2 people to 1 snowmobile, with many chances to change drivers with short photo stops on the way.  On the 4 hour snowmobile tour, you will be taken to a remote location where a small picnic meal will be provided from local ingredients.  Remember, you need to be 18 or over and have a valid car driver’s license in order to drive the snowmobile. Underage passengers are welcome.

Chase the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights (scientific name: Aurora Borealis) is perhaps the most beautiful natural phenomenon you will ever have the opportunity of seeing. The Northern lights are a swirl of magic illuminating the sky, dancing and teasing you at the same time. The SnowHotel offers 3 exclusive tours to hunt down the magnificent aurora borealis. Cross your fingers, maybe tonight will be your night to see the earth’s natural fireworks in the sky.

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