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The Vatican City Virtual Tour

The Vatican City is a officially an independent city state surrounded by Rome and is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, home to the Pope.

The Vatican Museums hold an immense collection of art and sculptures amassed over the centuries by the Church and of course is famous for the Sistine Chapel and there is nothing like seeing it in real life. However in our view the best way to see every detail of Michelangelo's masterpieces painted on the ceiling is with this 360-degree virtual tour.

You can genuinely image being alone in the empty hall with the echo of your footsteps only. Marvel the paintings for as long as you desire, without getting neck ache - the ability to zoom in and out means you can appreciate the full scale of art, without being hassled to move on continuously along with many others.  

This isn't the only part of the Vatican you're able to see virtually. The tour also includes online interactive visits to the Pio Clementino Museum, Chiaramonti Museum and the Niccoline Chapel, and the Renaissance frescos in the Raphael Rooms. 


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