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August destinations


Famous for its spiritual roots, for un-plugging from the world, for reconnecting to yourself Bali offers a place where you can either detox completely aka Eat, Pray, Love or embark on a tour through the island’s most scenic beauty to find its heritage and culture and some spectacular beach spots for that all important R&R.

Activity: take a side trip out to the famous Gilli islands, to experience crystal clear waters perfect for some diving or just snorkel amongst the vast numbers of turtles!


The crystal clear azure waters of the Adriatic, a dramatic coastline hiding fishing villages that have not changed in years, cobbled streets and spectacular national parks have made Croatia one of the go-to destinations in Europe, in spite of Game of Thrones. Get away from the crowds by visiting the lesser known islands above Split and Dubrovnik for a delightful family holiday


Activity: Visit Plitvice National Park and get up early, follow the pedestrian tour back to front to avoid the crowds and experience the waterfalls and rock formations in some peace!

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