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March destinations


A safari in South Africa is a beautiful way for a family to step into spring. Warm weather, rugged coastlines, diverse landscapes and the wealth of wildlife that calls this country home make it an exhilarating place to visit. Child-friendly camps and interactive guides help everyone spot the wildlife.

Activity: Stay on one of the wildlife reserves and see how many of the Big Five you can spy on a game drive through the wilderness.


Discover a place that is chaotic, infuriating, enriching, outrageous, exhilarating, fabulous and fantastic! India is all of these things and more, offering the ideal destination for exploration – majestic forts, soaring mountains, extensive wildlife reserves.   

Activity:  March brings about the annual festival Holi throughout the country where streets rain rainbow powder as locals become alive with colour and festivities, sedate streets come alive with colour as locals and tourists come together to launch a riot of rainbow powder into the air.

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