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Coming Home

coming home from travelling

‘Travel, the best way to be lost… and found… at the same time’

- Brenna Smith

The culture shock of coming home can be tough!

Quite simply because, in your absence, life has moved on for everyone around you. As it has for you.

Parents, family, children, friends, your home, possibly your work will have all organised themselves without you.

And the journey will have been a huge change for you as well, and probably for the better. Everything you will have seen and done will bring about a new insight on the world and a new perspective on what you want to do next.

Prepare for coming home. Send an email, let people know when you will be back, organise a few drinks, make a point of being in contact again. Organise a lift from the airport on arrival so you are not walking back into an empty home.

Coming home will create a new dawning of ‘what next’. Keep some space in the first days and weeks for storing your memories, stories and photos so that you never lose touch with your experiences. Prepare the best photos for a photo book, look back over a diary or blog that you may have written. Frame some of the photos and hang them for all to see! Have a read of any postcards and letters that you may have sent home to the family. All these little actions will keep the stories and memories alive whilst you start to find a new daily routine.

Reflect on how your views on life, your home, your work has changed because even if the trip has given you only one thought, drives only one element of change then you will be a better person for that. That single change will add even more meaning, purpose and colour to the travels you have just been on.

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