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planning your travels

‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’

- Marcel Proust

Travel is always on everyone’s list of things to do but making Travel your #1 priority requires a lot of thought.

Imagine your itinerary and work out where you want to go, share with friends, read some guides, check the internet (particularly blogs) and collect ideas. Try to mix up your activities to create better memories.

Identify the ‘big ticket’ trips that you want to do and plan around them – it may be trekking to Everest Base Camp or attending the Rio Carnival which are both time specific or it could be travel to Antarctica which is season specific.

Once you have decided on a few destinations then research them further to find out more, including the best time to travel, the local customs and culture. Once you start to look closer you can then work out what towns or cities you also want to include.

Manage your expectations as you will not be able to visit everywhere you want. Every trip will be a compromise on what you really want to do against the time you have available. Personalise your trip with activities and interests that you love.

Get covered!! Take out Travel Insurance, check out health requirements and book vaccinations well in advance of departure. The most valuable tool for planning safe travels is through the Government website Foreign Travel Advice

And finally don’t ignore the value of working with a Travel Agent. Good travel agents offer a service that you cannot get from the internet. For example, advice on how to get from A to B, booking tricky connections, securing your place on that ‘must-go-on’ tour months in advance. This enables you to relax and look forward to that key part of your trip.

At Travel Producer we are very well travelled and happy to share our experiences with you.

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