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Isfjord Radio Station by Husky

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A trip to the Isfjord Radio Station with husky dogs, gliding over glaciers, mountains and frozen fjords will enable you to appreciate the stillness of arctic wildness silence.

Isfjord Radio Station is located more than 800 Km from the mainland and just 1,300km from the North Pole. The radio station used to be an important link between the Norwegian Mainland and the inhabitants of Svalbard but now is a boutique hotel reached either by snowmobile or ecologically by dog sledding. During the summer time you can travel to the station by open boat across Isfjorden in just a couple of houres.

Positioned on the northern edge of the world enthusiastic Alaskan Huskies will take you off on a dog sled whilst you immerse yourself in a wilderness of snow and ice in which the only sounds are the panting of the dogs and the squeak of the sled’s runners squashing the snow. Half way towards Isfjord you will make camp under the stars and once you have harnessed, feed and looked after tour own dogs you will enjoy a nice meal before bunkering under canvas for the night. A further day of gliding over the icy glaciers, majestic mountains and frozen fjords you are welcomed to the station with a hearty three course meal. The station offers comfortable and warm accommodation, excellent food and excursions into the Arctic including a quick dip in the Arctic Ocean should you feel brave enough!

Contact us for this incredible experience out on the edge of civilisation. Adventures to the radio station can be either a 2-day, 3-day or 5-day experience.


‘At-a-Glance’ Illustrative Itinerary

DAY 1: on arrival you will meet your guide in the reception at Basecamp Hotel at 10 am to check that you have all equipment needed. Thereafter you will head to the Trappers Station in Bolterdalen and meet with all of the delightful 90 happy Alaskan Huskies eager to get on the trip. Your guide will then show you how to harness the dogs and how to mush your own team. After harnessing the dogs the teams will head out into Bolterdalen towards Isfjord Radio. Lunch will be enjoyed in the wild. On the first day you will drive out through valleys and pass some majestic mountains. After a long first day you will set camp nearly half way to Isfjord Radio. 

DAY 2: First task in the morning will be breakfast for the dogs and then yourselves as you prepare for a full day out on the glaciers. Dog sledging at Svalbard is an experience that touches your heart and soul, an experience that completely frees you from the burden of everyday life. Lunch will be served in wild before arriving late afternoon at the Isfjord Radio Station. A welcoming 3-course dinner will be served in the evening.

DAY 3: There is some time for leisure and a solid breakfast this morning before you depart on another a short dog sledge trip before returning to the station for a warm lunch. In the afternoon you will be invited to take a guided tour around the station area and offered the option of taking a swim in the the Arctic sea!


DAY 4:  Another solid hearty breakfast awaits you as today you will pack up your dog team and the expedition gear for the second half of your journey. Today you start the return trip back to the civilization, but with some interesting stops along the way. There is another night under canvas but the trip is a will give you a fantastic adventure in the majestic Svalbard nature.

DAY 5:  Today is your last day out in the wild so you will be getting up early to make the most of the day. Heading back for Longyearbyen on your dog sledge with your team, with whom you will have become so attached too. An expedition lunch will be served on the way. Once back at Basecamp Trapper’s Station, you will take care of you new 4-legged tired friends before returning to Longyearbyen during the afternoon.

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