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passport advice

‘Travel is never a matter of money but of courage’

- Paolo Coelho

Do not spend months planning and then fall at the first hurdle, just as you are about to embark on your adventures. We know someone who did just this – and missed the fact that a visa was required to transit the States to her onward first destination. Applying for a visa from an airport check-in area is not conducive to a good start!


Whilst your passport is famous for the terrible photo it is also unique and when travelling it is your main form of ID. You will need to carry your passport at all times, so avoid handing it over for any length of time unless it is to an Embassy or Consulate. Never leave it with the hotel or hostel reception.

Take several colour copies of your passport photo page before departure, leave one at home with family or friends and keep a couple with you. Should you then need to replace your passport you have the key information for one to be re-issued. A photocopy of the photo page serves well as your photo ID in any situation, home or abroad.

Check your passport expiry date. Most countries require you to have a minimum of 6 months left in your passport even if you are only intending to stay for a few days. If you are planning to travel to several countries, also check your passport for blank pages. You will need a full clean page for some visas and therefore try and keep entry/exit stamps to the same page!

If your travel with 2 passports always stick to the same passport when you are travelling in and out of neighbouring countries and particularly if you are travelling overland, so as to avoid any confusion over entry requirements.


Remember that every country could potentially require a visa. is an easy-to-use web portal where travellers can find out if the country they plan to visit requires travellers either to acquire a visa before arrival or apply for a tourist visa upon arrival.

Applying for Visas in advance is recommended. However, most countries have a set period prior to departure before you can apply and then most visas are active from the date-of-issue. So you may have to prepare for an application overseas. Be prepared for applications whilst you are travelling and carry with you a set of passport sized photos

Consider whether you want a single entry or multiple entry visa, allowing you to go and come back several times.

Don’t forget to budget for the cost of visas.

At Travel Producer we are able to organise visas for our customers, for an extra fee.


Nowadays it is a requirement of any booking, whether on-line or via a travel agent, to have suitable insurance for your travels. It is essential that your policy covers all the countries that you will be visiting.

Make sure the insurance is also appropriate for the following:

  • activities you will undertake,
  • cancellation of flights/trains will be handy if you have accommodation booked at your destination, and, also, the ability to extend the policy if you decide to continue your travels.
  • repatriation home in times of medical emergency
  • pre-existing medical conditions
  • luggage and valuables, notably laptops, tablets and phones
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