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Renew and Repair in France

Renew Repair MS Yoga Class Retreat
Renew repair retreat france

Have you ever returned from a long-awaited holiday, whether it is with family gathering or an adventurous trip of a lifetime, and feel far from rested and relaxed? Long distance travel, being away from home conveniences and the challenge of another language and culture can mean that your holiday routine and activities are far from restful nor relaxing.

A health retreat, however, quite simply offers you the perfect opportunity to do just that; to engage in a different daily routines with the sole purpose of focusing on your own health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically. We don't need to travel far to escape to a beautiful location with comfortable accommodation, carefully balanced food, organised exercise activities, good facilities and access to professional therapists, without any other distractions and the long lasting effect of a retreat can have a significant impact.

We have the absolute pleasure of introducing you to a dear friend and her beautiful chateau nestled in the heart of the Loire valley, located well for the magnificent historic chateaux, the majestic river Loire and many local attractions but most importantly twice a year this haven of peace and tranquility offers a chance for you to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life whilst looking after yourself. 

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself or your health regime is a little haphazard, a health retreat is the perfect opportunity to kick start a healthy lifestyle. In a 4 day programme you will be able to practice yoga twice daily, walk or cycle in the peaceful and tranquil French countryside, cook some fabulous recipes together and enjoy delicious healthy meals. With a relaxed programme of discussions, activities, massage treatments and lots of friendly advice, you will explore what it really means to “eat well” and how to go about doing so in our busy lives.

You also get the opportunity to get out and about, to visit the beautiful nearby town of Saumur, the local vineyards and even enjoy a private wine-tasting session with a top sommelier.

With May Simpkin you can focus on a new life-style and making changes to your health and wellness. Take an active step to prioritise a health retreat into your busy schedules. You may have excuses of time, money or circumstances but prioritising yourself and not allowing excuses to get in the way is the key to ensuing success and happiness.

     What’s Included in your health retreat

  • Pre-Retreat Guidance
  • Daily Morning & Evening Yoga/Pilates Sessions
  • Daily Exercise Activity Sessions
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Cookery/Nutrition/Personal Development Workshops
  • Delicious Healthy Meals/Snacks/Juices/Smoothies
  • 4 Nights Luxury Accommodation with Ensuite
  • Local Wine Appreciation Tasting Evening
  • Post Retreat Follow Up
  • Transfers from Nantes Airport (T&Cs apply – see below)

      What’s Not Included

  • Flights & Travel insurance


Yoga Retreat Escape to the Chateau

photos courtesy of May Simpkin

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